We now stock Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent!

A rodent problem in your auto, motorcycle, snowmobile, boat or RV is not only annoying, it can also be hazardous.

While traditional solutions such as moth balls, glue traps, and rat killers may eliminate the rodents, they also leave odors, messes and dangerous microorganisms. If you’re looking to keep mice and rats out of motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats during the storage season, then you need Fresh Cab®.

Once mice or rats have infested your ‘getaway’, then your vehicle is prone to expensive damage resulting from chewed wires and nesting in vital components. Even worse, you and your family could experience offensive odors, potential messes and even disease.

An Effective No-Kill Method to Repel Mice and Rats in Power-Sport Vehicles.

Fresh Cab rodent repellent is the safer, all-natural and effective alternative to smelly moth balls, glue traps and rat killers. When it’s time to use your boat, motorcycle or snowmobile again you don’t want to uncover it and find offensive odors and dead rats.

Fresh Cab keeps mice and rats out of airplanes without killing them and eliminates any potential unpleasant odor in the air. In fact, Fresh Cab freshens the air as it protects! You can forget about rodents and that musty smell with this easy-to-use, all-natural rodent repellent.

Satisfied customers use Fresh Cab in their automobiles, boats, jet skis, ATVs, snow mobiles, motorcycles, airplanes, campers/RVs and hunting equipment.

It Really Works – Naturally Repel Mice and Rats in leisure vehicles and hunting equipment.

Fresh Cab botanical rodent repellent is a 100% natural blend of corn cob chips, plants and herbal extracts that freshens and protects. Our all-natural repellent, which has the ability to repel mice and rats in leisure vehicles and hunting equipment, has been:

  • Proven by several independent studies
  • Registered by the federal EPA
  • Awarded the USDA Green Seal of Approval
  • Endorsed by Team Fitzgerald and featured on American Gun Dog

How Fresh Cab Works

Fresh Cab Pouches are made with a natural blend of plant fiber and botanical extracts that while pleasant for you, offend rodents. Simply place pouches in your recreational vehicles and property, depending on size and components, to immediately start controlling your rodent problem.

One whiff of this specially formulated blend is enough to send rodents packing and rid your equipment of mice and rats. Click here to get the complete use recommendations.